Kisumu (Lake Victoria, Kit Mikayi, Kisumu Museum, Impala Sanctuary

The museum mostly exhibits the luo culture. Mode of dressing. They have an aquarium with different fish types even endangered species. The highlight for me was the snake park. The long African python made my day.

I had been to the national museum in Nairobi. They have about the same things to show but far more elaborate. But I was with nice people so we had a good time. We got nice guidance from a local chap who does that as a freelancer. That made it better, he had plenty to say and was an interesting…
More This institution could had been named as a local interest section. The exhibits aren’t very interesting, the natural history section is a massive disappointment. The saving grace is that it is not expensive and if you just want to kill time then a visit here is OK,. I wish they had a Speciality traditional Luo restaurant on premises. I reccommend…