Cambi health

Cambi-health Clinics – Afya kwa Wazee – is a product of Zahanati Ventures Limited. We offer affordable, accessible and quality healthcare services.There are 1.5 million adults in Kenya who are older than 60 years and this number is said to double over the next 10 years.

As the Kenyan government continues to support the elderly and vulnerable populations through cash transfers for food and basic necessities, there is need to improve health care systems to offer affordable, accessible and quality services to these group of people.

Corporate Social Responsibility

December 26, 2022

Our gratitude tour this morning and to bless everyone who chipped in:

  1. Givers. We were touched. People from everywhere gave, and I mean both Kisumu and non-Kisumu residents. People who love children and wanted to share the Christmas spirit of love and giving. Know you made a difference. Know you made some kids very happy on that day. God bless you.
  2. Volunteers. The cooks started their day at midnight and worked until 6pm the following day. These were St Joseph’s Catholic Church Youth Group. Amazing, dedicated, young people. They made so much food, we also fed children from the general public who walked in post-lunch.
  3. Kisumu County. They gave us the grounds, negotiated free bouncing castle time and jammed with the kids post-lunch.