Masai Market

The Maasai Market has endured the test of time and numerous re-locations by the Nairobi City Council to become the premier market for African artefacts and curios in Nairobi for the many tourists who throng the city as the main start point in their exploration of Kenya’s tourist destinations.

Although it borrows its name for the one Kenyan Tribe that has retained their cultural identity and pride, Maasai market has a variety of artefacts and curios from all over Kenya and Africa ranging from ornaments to functional kitchen items, beddings, clothings, artefacts and a lot more.

What I love about the market is how easy the Jua Kali artisans are able to pick on trends and provide an artistic alternative with the best examples being Candle holders, ladies bags, clutches, wall hangings, wallets, Sandals, clothing and utensils such as bowls, table cloths, spoons etc. Some might choose to call it copying but I call it perfecting an art.

I have a particular weakness to many of their items which, although sometimes not given a good finishing touch, are unique and make one’s home or dressing seem very elegant. Their pricing is particularly very affordable compared to shops on Biashara street or those in upmarket malls.